Week 15: Artist interview

This week I enjoyed the exhibit Body^3 by Troy Rounseville. The exhibit featured numerous instruments being played by a mini computer called arduino. I enjoyed this exhibit over the other ones due to my love of electrical engineering and the different components used to play these instruments. Judging by the number of instruments it must […]

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Week 15: Classmate Interview

For the final week of Art 110 I was fortunate enough to interview Adriana Macias. She is a freshman here at CSULB and is currently undeclared for her major but she mentioned that she was enjoying her women studies class and is considered it for her college major. Adriana has 1 sister, is 19 years […]

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Week 13: artist interview

For week 13 I was fortunate enough to enjoy the work of Carlos Sierra. The piece that I was looking at was called “Trinity I” and it looked sort of like if heaven and hell were clashing. I enjoyed the painting because it reminded me in a way of Greek mythology like if the underworld […]

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Week 13: classmate interview

For week 13 I interviewed Andrew Aragon. He is a junior here at csulb and is majoring in psychology. He told me that his studies are going well even though they are intensifying as he progresses forward in his academic career. He has one older brother who is 27 years old. In his free time […]

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Week 12: Teach a Skill!

For our final class activity I had trouble trying to figure what skill I would teach and to who I will be teaching it to. I was sitting on my desk doing some homework for another class and it suddenly occurred to me why not teach one of your friends how to make a blog? […]

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Week 12: Artist Interview

This week I had the pleasure of enjoying the work of Timothy Cooper. I looked at the main exhibit which was 145 (no I didn’t count them) ceramic plates evenly organized into a cross shape. It was certainly interesting as many students were circling around the plates trying to catch a better glimpse of the […]

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