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For this first week in Art 110 I’ll start off by saying that just being inside the art gallery was such a unique atmosphere. It is something I have never experienced and I am glad to have had the chance to appreciate art made by my fellow peers. The Piece that stood out to me the most was one made by Heidi Kayser. There is not much info on her website so I decided that I will focus more on the analysis of the art. It reminded me of a 3d plot in one of my past mathematics class and it looks as though it could have been created with some sort of software if not by hand. The piece reminded me of all of the different contours and surfaces that I have encountered in my mathematics classes and I think having taking then makes it much easier for me to appreciate and relate to this piece.

Artist Website: http://greaterlamfa.com/Glamfa2014/kayser_2014.html

photo 1

For my student Interview I had the pleasure of interviewing Kevin Cordova. He is a freshman and an Anthropology major. The piece that stood out to him is pictured bellow. Kevin found the piece to be interesting because of the vivid shapes and colors used by the artist. Also it has a giant hot dog and a battleship going at it. This piece also stood out to him out of all the other paintings and sculptures because of it’s uniqueness. I mean who has ever painted a piece of art with a battleship charging at a hot dog right? Well anyways we had a good time chatting and are excited for the busy semester ahead!


photo 2

Peace Out!



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