Week 2: Relational Asthetics (Instagram)

As I make this post it is Sunday night and I have finally had a chance to take a look at these awesome pictures posted by my peers. These posts have sort of given me a snapshot of their daily lives and I could relate to a lot of my classmates.

photo 1

I decided to start with the artwork that I found most intriguing. This piece reminded me a lot of my physics class last semester since we were studying electricity & magnetism. I would see something very similar to this artwork nearly every day in the lab or class and it was nice to see so many wires outside of a lab.

photo 3

This next picture is an image of what I see every morning… absolutely nothing. I start my days off incredibly early and often wake up in the dark. It is a bit peaceful knowing that I am getting a head start on the day and I have pat of the morning all to myself.


photo 4

I cannot survive without this water bottle! I am new to the Los Angeles area and I did not expect it to be so hot! This water bottle is vacuum sealed and keeps my fresh water ice cold the entire day. I see this bottle every day and when I am wiping away beads of sweat I can take solace that relief is just a chug away.


photo 2

This last picture is probably is what I do nearly every night which is code. 90% of my time on my laptop is spent on this program. As an engineering major there are always programing assignments and I am glad I can rely on my programming software (xCode) to help me get the job done.


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