Art 110 Week 3: Artist Interview

For this weeks artist interview I again was not able to physically interview an artist! Christopher Vavrek, the artist i was supposed to interview unfortunately had a family emergency and had to fly out of town. I did however have a chance to take a look at his exhibit. First thing that crossed my mind when I entered was haunted house. It was dark with a few lights flickering from old displays. It kind of looked like someones garage from the 90s with all the video tapes and old computers stacked over each other. The longer I was in there the more it seemed like I was in my childhood looking at all these old computers and monitors scattered all over the place. While odd I sort of found a strange sense of comfort while I was in there, bringing me back to a time where there were no smartphones, no social networks, just sort of an empty shell of the past with not much emotion. Overall I enjoyed the exhibit very much and was able to relate to it quite well. Even if I did not interpret the exhibit the way the artist intended I still had a good time experiencing it. photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5


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