Week 5: Artist interview

In week 5 I decided to choose a piece of art that that was photographed during World War 2. The name of the photo is “Women at work on bomber” and was taken by Alfred T. Palmer in 1942. The picture displays a woman working in a factory on a bomber aircraft during WW2. The reason I selected this picture was for my love of American History in the WW2 era. It was my favorite subject in high school and I knew the significance that the photo represented. It shows how the housewives of the American soldiers we able to step up when there was a shortage of labor to help war efforts during a crucial time. It was also one of the first times in U.S. History that women began to have a much more significant role than just being a housewife and taking care of the children. This picture spoke to me the most out of all the other art in the gallery and although I was not able to interview an artist since this is an old picture, I enjoyed the gallery on thursday.IMG_2994


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