Week 5: Classmate Conversations

For this week’s Classmate Conversations I had the pleasure of talking with Sarah de Leon. Sarah is a sophomore here at csulb and is studying health care and administration. Sarah is originally from Houston, Texas but moved here to Long beach when she was in high school. She enjoys the climate here in Long beach and is taking advantage of this heat by going to the beach regularly. Sarah also works at Baskin Robins which I think is a dream job right now in this heat! Sarah is also in a sorority here at CSULB and enjoys the greek life. She told me that her current schedule is mostly compiled of work school and sorority during the school year. Sarah’s favorite art piece in the gallery didn’t seem to have a title but it was by Katherine Vu and it displayed herself (or another woman) eating different types of food in a sort of collage photo. Overall Sarah and I had a good time chatting and I hope to see her again sometime.IMG_2999


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