Week 5: Dress up

It took me a while to figure out how I will do this project but I finally decided on what I was going to dress up as. Since Long beach is so casual and is basically in summer mode year round I decided to dress up in a suit and tie to try and see how people would treat me as opposed to my usual attire which with this climate is mostly shorts and casual wear. As soon as I was all dressed up I decided to go grab a bite and test out my new attire. I definitely noticed a difference the second I walked in as I was greeted immediately by the hostess. I noticed that the staff would refer to me as sir something that for me was very strange. I was lucky that it was not too hot over the weekend and I was not limited to air conditioned places such as the mall and I was able to run some errands with similar results as my experience at the restaurant. I noticed that people took me a lot more seriously than they did when I would be dressed casually and that was a pleasant surprise. My family also questioned my mental health when I drove home for the weekend and they saw me knocking at the door in a suit. I didn’t tell them why I was doing it until today so that I would not spoil anything. At the end of the day I was somewhat relived to take the suit off since it was starting to get uncomfortable and I wanted to go to bed! IMG_1449


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