Week 7: Artis Interview

Walking into the art gallery this week I was expecting to see the usual type of gallery but I was a bit shocked when I stumbled upon some of the exhibits. The one that stood out to me was the Chrysalis exhibit by Vanessa Gamboa. I first thought I was looking at a scene from The Mummy but it seemed to be two people wrapped up in a tan-colored cloth. There was a video that featured different people bonded in this cloth in numerous public places such as markets, public buses and, small towns. Gamboa stated that this exhibit explores the process of forming relationships and human bonds. She also noted that chrysalis is the state of a moth or butterfly before it reaches adulthood and I noticed that comparison in the exhibit. For me this was a change compared to the past weeks when I would see mostly painting and sculptures. Overall I enjoyed the exhibit since it was a nice type of strange and sort of mysterious for me.IMG_3044


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