Week 7: Spray painting

Watching the video that was show in class on Tuesday really showed me that graffiti can be an art. I never knew much back story on why people would tag and that video gave me some clear insight. I tried to translate what I saw into my activity this week. It started off with me looking for a piece of scrap wood and getting some spray paint at the hardware store. I opened up all the windows and doors in my apartment so that I would not suffocate from the fumes and tried to write my name in graffiti letters. The end result was not too great and I only had 2 tries since I only managed to get one piece of plywood. I admit that using the spray paint made me kind of want to spray paint all over my white walls but I resisted the temptation! I could now see why people find joy in this and why it has become a culture. In the end I had to air out my apartment for the rest of the day but I enjoyed the experience!IMG_3062


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