Week 10: Artist Interview

For week 10 I was all ready to go and leave the gallery when class was over but then I saw a small crowd gathering and went to see what was going on.. it was a man in a suit eating dinner.. on a woman. Now I’m not sure if this was part of the gallery but I surely found this to be the most interesting thing I saw on thursday. The man in the suit eating seemed to act like if nothing was going on and he was dining in one of the finest restaurants in the world while in reality he was eating off the stomach of a woman in a table position. The man was very well dressed and the food seemed really appetizing, it was a boiled egg with a baked potato and a side of roasted vegetables. At the end the woman eventually could not hold the position much longer and they had to stop. Now I’m not sure if this qualifies as the artist interview but it was surely the most intriguing thing I have seen at the art gallery this semester IMG_0185


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