Week 11: Artist Interview

For this weeks artist interview I caught up with artist: Darlene Casco. One of her pieces that caught my interest was a set of 40 qr codes that were evenly spread out across the wall. There were two ipads that had a qr code scanner app launched and we were able to decode the individual codes. I did not have the patience to decode each one so I read the description which stated that the exhibit was a poem by Robert Frost. Each code opened up a website that had a portion of this poem and to listen to the entire poem you needed to scan all 40 codes in the correct order. Now the reason I found this interesting is because ive never seen anything like this in my life. I felt that I was going to get trolled if I scanned all 40 codes and nothing happened but luckily there was some significance to this. In the end I liked this exhibit over the others because I had never seen such an interactive display with iPads and qr codes to connect the observer to the art.IMG_0205


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