Week 11: Classmate Interview

Week in it gets much harder to find people to interview as I am beginning to get to know the whole Art 110 class. Also there seem to be fewer and fewer people as the semester rolls on which may be due to midterms and other classes getting to their hard points. Nevertheless I was able to interview Bowas Yang. Bowas is from Fullerton and is a freshman here at CSULB. He is a film major and enjoyed the art exhibits that were on display on Thursday. Like myself he enjoys to go to the shooting range in his free time to relieve some stress and have fun. I also enjoy going to the range and we were able to talk a bit about our experiences at different shooting ranges in LA. He has one younger sibling that is a sophomore in high school that hopes to apply to universities soon. Bowas enjoyed the different types of charcoal paintings that were in the gallery today and had a good time interviewing the artist. In the end I had a good time chatting with Bowas and looking at the different types of art.IMG_0209


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