Week 15: Artist interview

This week I enjoyed the exhibit Body^3 by Troy Rounseville. The exhibit featured numerous instruments being played by a mini computer called arduino. I enjoyed this exhibit over the other ones due to my love of electrical engineering and the different components used to play these instruments. Judging by the number of instruments it must have taken a long time to set up the different configurations for each one. I’m not sure if I was observing the things that Rounseville intended but the programming and circuit design were the things that I found the most fascinating. Rounseville stated that the exhibit was to show if human emotion can be transferred through technology and I found that it cannot. While machines were playing the instruments it showed no human emotion and I sort of felt hollow when I listened to the different tunes. Overall I liked the exhibit a lot, heres a pic from the circuit that controlled the piano.IMG_0264


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