Week 11: Artist Interview

For this weeks artist interview I caught up with artist: Darlene Casco. One of her pieces that caught my interest was a set of 40 qr codes that were evenly spread out across the wall. There were two ipads that had a qr code scanner app launched and we were able to decode the individual […]

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Week 10: Landscapes

Doing this weeks activity was a bit tricky for me since I was not able to get my hands on any fake blood to make my death look gruesome. I sort of slacked off then while I was watching television Hancock was on and one scene where he was passed out with a bottle of […]

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Week 9: Artist Interview

For week 9 I stopped by the Forms in LA exhibit to do my artist interview. I caught up with artist Cynthia Lujan and she talked about some of her work. Her work includes the identity of people being captured into the canvas and depicting their own interpretation of themselves. It seemed a bit too […]

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